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#KAIN6: KAMAYAN AT INUMAN (A Filipino food feast + Gin Masterclass)

18.08.18 I £35/pp I AN VIET @ DALSTON JUNCTION 12-14 Englefield RD N1 4LS

Join us in this unique Filipino dining experience in partnership with Tarsier Spirit.

Kamayan in English literally translates to "eat with your hands".  NO PLATES, NO CUTLERY. Inuman is a Filipino word for "(alcohol) drinking sessions" 

#Kain6 includes:

  • A full meal: choose your main - MEAT or SEAFOOD

  • A welcome cocktail

  • and a Gin Masterclass

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A portion of every ticket sales for this pop-up event will be donated to Kaleb's fundraising for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

Menu 1 of our #Kain5  POP UP

Menu 1 of our #Kain5 POP UP

Wonderful Pop-up. Great food and company!
— Karen & Rich Wareing

#KAIN5 - POP UP @ The Peckham Pelican

23.05.18 I £38/Pp; all meat menu

Two big news: 1. This is our first POP UP and 2. Chef Albert of the Savoy London is back!

3 - All meat course with complimentary glass of Prosecco


24.02.18 I £35/pp; BYO

Our first supper club this year is inspired by our recent trip to New Zealand

5 - course 'all Kiwi' menu

Avocado and Nori Salad
Ceviche (Salmon)

Double (fried)chicken with Samoan Chopsuey
Lamb Chops with rice and Kumara (kiwi sweet potato)

Brandy Snaps 


New Zealand lamb with home made chimichurri sauce

Delicious food, engaging hosts...I really enjoyed myself!
— Sherazade K. (@ladyfrancesca1985)

#ikalawangKain - a special fundraising for MNDA UK

23.09.17 I £40/pp; includes a glass of bubbly

One of Savoy's "Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill" demi-chef de partie, Albert is offering his culinary expertise and will be cooking a special 4-course seafood feast*.

Lobster Bisque
Smooth, creamy, and highly seasoned soup of French origin topped Lobster meat.

Scallops on pea and mint risotto
Seared sweet scallops and silky, punchy risotto are always perfect partner!

Fish of the day with spiced bean ragout, chorizo and corn
This hearty main dish fuses Spanish and British flavours.

Kalamansi Tart
This dessert uses a citrus fruit that is common in the Philippines and completes the seafood feast.

*A portion of every ticket sales will go towards Kaleb's fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA-UK).

kalamansi (Philippine lime) tart

kalamansi (Philippine lime) tart

It’s amazing, I would still come back...If you’re not booking you’re missing out!
— marian g. (@mariangrrr)
1/3 street food trio: Fish balls

1/3 street food trio: Fish balls

The hosts were brilliantly thoughtful and accommodating. They explained each course, the history behind was a fantastic meal and a thoroughly enjoyable evening!
— tracy w. (@trcywu)

#ikalawangKain (second feast)

09.09.17 I £32/pp; BYO

let us share with you our childhood through four courses of Filipino-Kiwi cuisine*. 

Street food trio 
Longganisa /long-ga-ni-sa/ sweet Filipino sausage
Tokneneng /tok-ne-neng/ tempura-like quail eggs covered in orange batter
Homemade fish balls with dipping sauce

Lumpiang Sariwa [lum-pi-yang-sa-ri-wa] fresh spring rolls (v)

Steak n' Cheese pie, a Kiwi classic meat pie

"It's-Kiwi-not-Aussie" Pavlova

#unangKain (first feast)

05.08.17 I £25/pp suggested donation; byo

king prawn, tamarind soup & vegetables 
Mussels, ginger & lemon grass

chicken, garlic, soy sauce & cane vinegar

"It's-Kiwi-not-Aussie" pavlova
signature brownie

Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

Hosts were very accommodating, the food are delicious and I would definitely come back for more!
— satisfied guest

Experience Filipino - Kiwi home cooked meals, hosted by passionate food lovers.

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