Weekend in Krawkow, Poland

If you only have the weekend to go to Krakow then here are the things that you should definitely do:

1. Visit Auschwitz camp


Book this in advance because it tends to be fully booked during weekends. Do it on a Sunday, it can be very heavy both emotionally and physically (dedicate at least half of your day to see this)

If you’re like us who did it on a Saturday, then make sure you do it first thing in the morning to allow an afternoon of debriefing, so you drink lots and eat lots!!

A separate post about our experience will be coming soon.

All that was left after the murdered were piles of personal belongings

2. Drink & Eat


Krakow is cheap. You can definitely get beers from 9 zloty (£2!) and meals of the same price. This is actually around the centre so no need to struggle searching for a cheap dining...but since you are on holiday, why be skint?! Splurge at least for one meal!

We did splurge, we want to and because we have too... we just finished an Auschwitz tour and we do need some 'perk-me-up' activity and there’s no better way to achieve this than eating and drinking!

we definitely had a feast, watch out for our full review

we definitely had a feast, watch out for our full review

We went to a 17th century old Polish restaurant recommended by our friend. It’s called Restauracja Ogniem i Mieczem

we were transformed to a different time and place

we were transformed to a different time and place

You can know more about this interesting, almost magical place in our next post.

3. See the City

St. Mary’s ( Mariacki) Church

St. Mary’s ( Mariacki) Church


Do a ‘free’ walking tour.

Check the best one (route) for you.

Krakow has a lot of interesting sites and buildings from the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter to Old town, you can even choose a food or art specific tours!

How cool is that? Just don't forget to bring cash because in the end tips are very much welcome.


We did an Old town tour and so watch out for our video soon!