Food for thought

We believe that food goes beyond just something that you consume. Food, now can be used to communicate and create awareness to certain causes. 

The set up at the 'I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See' event.


Last year we organised an event through the Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP-UK). It was a fundraising dinner for the Indigenous Lumad Children in the south region of the Philippines. The Lumads have been the victim of an on going civil war and the most affected are the children. 

Mae of Pepe's Kitchen served a four - course Filipino dinner featuring her signature Lechon (a popular roast pork dish in the Philippines) and a starter called Tiyula Itum which is a spicy beef soup with burnt coconut shavings, a common dish among the Lumads.

CHRP-UK managed to raise over £1,500 for this event which helped to build a school in Southern Mindanao. 

This year, just last month, we are honoured to again take part to another special gathering - ‘I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See', hosted by British documentary photographer Giles Duley and UNHCR.

one of Giles Duley's powerful images

In 2015 Giles was commissioned by the UNHCR to document the refugee crisis. This event was the result of that project. 

Besides the powerful images surrounding the venue, Giles wanted it to be more than an exhibition, he wanted to start a conversation through music and of course food.

Mezze by Sakbeh

The mezze was served by a Syrian couple, Nadeen & Louai (Sakbeh), according to them, Syrian food had so much potential in being one of the most popular cuisines in the culinary landscape, and so they have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness of Syrian food across the world.

To donate or get involved with UN Refugee Agency, visit

Food is powerful. It can show one's culture, It can connect people and even save lives.

How about you, how do you see your food?