Welcome to the neighbourhood Banh Banh!

Grabbed the chance to experience some Vietnamese cuisine this weekend. Banh Banh soft-opened their second branch here at Coldharbour Lane this week. 

Started in Peckham they pride themselves with dishes that are comforting (pho, braised pork) & easy pleasers (pancakes, bbq skewers). To drive excitement and attraction 50% off on total food bill was on offer.


BBQ BEEF IN BETEL LEAVES - a staple street food in Vietnam, the meat lacked a bit of seasoning and had to dip it into the sauce multiple times.

Love that it is the right sized, perfect as a start

PORK SKEWERS - the pork was marinated well, rich in flavour, so on its own, is a winner! We are not a fan of its coriander sauce pairing. We had it with nuoc cham (sweet fish sauce) instead.

Yummy BBQ, not sure about the sauce though.

BANH KHOT PANCAKES - Excellent presentation, cooked in a skillet, in mini cups.  Prawns were fresh, well seasoned...delicious!


THIT KHOA - bedsides Pho, this is another Vietnamese classic! Their version was spot on, the meat was so tender and the sauce was light and delicious. This hit home.

Reminded us of a Filipino dish - ADOBO

The Restaurant

Loved the restaurant’s clean, modern minimalist interiors (which is beginning to be a trend among new South East Asian restaurants, should this be a worry? Looking all similar?)

Current menu - we were told that desserts will still be added here


Paid just under £30 (drinks included) but without the promotion, it could have been over £60! Must say, that would be quite expensive...

Food 4/5
Price 3/5
Service 4/5
Overall experience 3.5/5

...we will come back, but maybe during payday! 😋

Banh Banh - Vietnamese Kitchen I 326 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8QH