The Auschwitz tour

Auschwitz is known all over the world as a symbol of terror, genocide, and the Holocaust. The tour of this place is the highlight of our trip to Krakow. Book this in advance as the weekend tours can get full. 

During the II World War, it was the largest concentration camp of Nazi Germany, established in the suburbs of the city of Oswiecim (Auschwitz in German), approximately 60 kilometers west of Krakow.

we went first thing in the morning to have the afternoon to ourselves

From £29pp, you'll see for yourself the living conditions of the prisoners while visiting the blocks. 

You walk into the camp through the main gate just like the thousands of its prisoners, looking up at the infamous sign 'Arbeit macht frei'. Highly ironic, as most of them were never to see the outside world again.

The entrance to the first camp: Arbeit macht frei (work sets you free)

The most horrifying sight are the piles of personal belongings taken from the prisoners, as well as the gas chamber and the Death Wall which remind us of their sad fate. 






After experiencing this tour you definitely need to debrief and what else is best to do but to eat and drink! 

At the second camp - this is the rail tracks that literally lead to the deaths of millions