Meet the "kinoys"

Kaleb & Jhey



KINOY (or kinoys) stands for 'kiwi' and 'pinoy', which are slang for the home countries of husband's Kaleb from New Zealand and Jhey who is originally from the Philippines.

As both are self-confessed food critics, in February 2013 the couple started their food blog on instagram - eating, judging and blogging their way to different restaurants, cafes, popups and supper clubs!

The kinoys also love to cook and host dinner parties, because of this and their strong, shared passion for food the "Let's Kain" supper club was born.

KAIN /kah-in/ is again a play on words. It is a combination of Maori - New Zealand (kai) and Filipino (kain) words which both means "to eat".

"Let's Kain" = Let's Eat!



The kinoys know the kitchen well and each one has their own speciality.

Jhey enjoys cooking more savoury dishes while Kaleb loves to bake treats so he is in charge of the desserts.

proud home cooks, both completed and passed the Food Hygiene & Safety in Catering qualification.